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Dogs Who Watch The Super Bowl?!?

Most dogs really don’t care about TV or the Super Bowl but we think it’s pretty darn cute when their owners dress them up in their teams favorite garb and give them footballs to play with because let’s face it dogs do love chasing balls. So here you go — dogs who watch the Super Bowl, err, well kind of.

If you really want to see dogs and not football you can always tune into the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet!

It seems Lola would rather play with her football than actually watch the game and we’re super OK with that. GO Lola!


Dachshunds who love to watch the Super Bowl? Yep! We love that tiny football Knox!


Hey Ciro, it looks like you’ve deflated your footballs! That’s OK we love you anyway!


Joels Little Popcorn Ball the Bull Terrier is a Patriot’s fan and pretty darn cute!