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6 Dogs Who Love The Farm Life (E-I-E-I-O)

Work hard or hardly working? These dogs know that life on the farm is not only satisfying but there’s lots of good stuff to roll in too.

Rugar…rockin’ the Farmall – Riding the tractor is hard work but Rugar (the Australian Shepherd mix) has got this down and up!

Jessie…O Captain! My Captain! This contemplative Marvelous Mystery Mutt enjoys thinking hard when the farm is quite.

Giri..First kiss. It was love at first sight for this cow and Giri the Australian Cattle Dog. So sweet!

Layla…making friends. These horses are no match for a Great Dane. Who’s on the outside of the fence now?

Bender…feathered friends. It’s hard work guarding the chickens on the farm but this Marvelous Mystery Mutt has got it down pat.

Tullulah…with her posse. There appears to be a lot of good conversation going on here. We think this Rhodesian Ridgeback has got their attention!

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