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Meet Zulu The Doberman

Meet Zulu

Zulu the Doberman is from Cleveland, OH. This beautiful beach dog loves rolling in the sand and running in the water!

Q: Does Zulu have a special trick or talent?

A: I don’t think he really has one special talent (unless you count stealing my spot on the couch). But I do love how he gives separate high fives with each paw and does both when you say “give me 10!”. I think his best trait is being a positive ambassador for the Doberman breed.

Q: How did Zulu get his name?

A: My boyfriend is an Army veteran and we met each other at an Army wedding at West Point, so we wanted a name somehow related to the military. Zulu is code for the letter Z in the phonetic alphabet, and the after party for the wedding we met at was held at the “Zulu Time Lounge”.

Q: Beach bum or Land shark? Which does Zulu prefer to do and why?

A: Zulu is absolutely a beach bum! We live on the shores of Lake Erie with our own private beach, so he has been around water since he was a baby. There’s nothing he loves more than rolling in the sand and running in the water. To him, being on the beach on a sunny day is the best!

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