Meet Our Dogs!

Meet Jesse & Tikaani! They love the snow and sun.

Meet Jesse & Tikaani

These Siberian Huskies from New Zealand love the outdoors, swimming and a unique toy!

Q: What is your favorite thing to do with your dogs in the summertime?

A: We have a river about 200 meters away at the end of our road. After dinner, we walk or bike ride with our special bike attachments, then Jesse and Tikaani usually get a swim in the river. Jesse has a wee circuit that she always does, Tikaani just wallows in the shallows because he is scared of deep water. We call him ‘Hippo Pig’ !

Q: How did Jesse and Tikaani get there names?

A: Jesse was named when we got her and we didn’t want to change yet another thing on her. For Tikaani, I asked my Dogster group for suggestions..Tikaani means ‘wolf’ in Inuit and he looked very wolfish with his spectacles marking and the way he bared his teeth in play, so it suited him to a T.

Q: What are Jesse and Tikaani’s favorite toys?

A: After spending 100’s of dollars on toys, Jesse’s favourite is an empty Coke bottle! She’s like a puppy with it. Tikaani’s is Baby Squirrel from Hide-a-squirrel, it’s the only toy he has stood up to Jesse over. He often carries it around and takes it to bed.

Go see more from Jesse & Tikanni on Pack.

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