Meet Our Dogs!

Meet Edward The Bull Terrier

Meet Edward — Therapy. Comedy. Love.

This lovable and photogenic Bull Terrier loves stealing hearts and sometimes guinea pig poop! Edward the Bull Terrier is from Pearland, TX.

Q: Does Edward have a special trick or talent?

A: Edward has a few interesting skills… such as stealing hearts, eliciting laughter, and being EXTREMELY photogenic. He has mastered the Art of Human Training and is exceptionally talented at getting what he wants by utilizing a force we call the ‘Bullie Death Stare’. 😉


Q: How did Edward get his name?

A: He was named ‘Ed’ originally, and Edward stuck without much forethought. When you meet him, you can see that he just completely embodies his name.


Q: If he could eat any treat in the world, what would it be?

A: Probably cat food?! He WAS really excited about a bone I gave him one time, he spun around with it in the yard. Guinea pig poop is also a delicacy. Our favorite treat brand is Prairie Dog, they are totally worth the money, but I’ve nearly lost a couple fingers! 😉

Go see more from Edward on Pack.

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