Meet Our Dogs!

Meet Jesse & Tikaani! They love the snow and sun.

Meet Jesse & Tikaani

These Siberian Huskies from New Zealand love the outdoors, swimming and a unique toy!

Q: What is your favorite thing to do with your dogs in the summertime?

A: We have a river about 200 meters away at the end of our road. After dinner, we walk or bike ride with our special bike attachments, then Jesse and Tikaani usually get a swim in the river. Jesse has a wee circuit that she always does, Tikaani just wallows in the shallows because he is scared of deep water. We call him ‘Hippo Pig’ !

Q: How did Jesse and Tikaani get there names?

A: Jesse was named when we got her and we didn’t want to change yet another thing on her. For Tikaani, I asked my Dogster group for suggestions..Tikaani means ‘wolf’ in Inuit and he looked very wolfish with his spectacles marking and the way he bared his teeth in play, so it suited him to a T.

Q: What are Jesse and Tikaani’s favorite toys?

A: After spending 100’s of dollars on toys, Jesse’s favourite is an empty Coke bottle! She’s like a puppy with it. Tikaani’s is Baby Squirrel from Hide-a-squirrel, it’s the only toy he has stood up to Jesse over. He often carries it around and takes it to bed.

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Meet Our Dogs!

Meet Bailey The Beagle

Bailey Blue the Beagle is from Oregon City, OR.

Q: Does Bailey have a special trick or talent?

A: Bailey is great at agility, tracking, and sitting in the “beg” position throughout an entire meal!

Q: How did Bailey get her name?

A: Bailey Blue is her full name. My family hails from Ireland, and my name is Irish, so I wanted my dog to also be apart of the family in this way so I chose Bailey (as it is Irish), and Blue as she is a blue-tick Beagle, and her parents have Blue in their names as well.

Q: If she could eat any treat in the world, what would it be?

A: She would have a bite of all of them. Her favorite though is probably steak or turkey bacon.

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Meet Our Dogs!

Dogs Who Watch The Super Bowl?!?

Most dogs really don’t care about TV or the Super Bowl but we think it’s pretty darn cute when their owners dress them up in their teams favorite garb and give them footballs to play with because let’s face it dogs do love chasing balls. So here you go — dogs who watch the Super Bowl, err, well kind of.

If you really want to see dogs and not football you can always tune into the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet!

It seems Lola would rather play with her football than actually watch the game and we’re super OK with that. GO Lola!


Dachshunds who love to watch the Super Bowl? Yep! We love that tiny football Knox!


Hey Ciro, it looks like you’ve deflated your footballs! That’s OK we love you anyway!


Joels Little Popcorn Ball the Bull Terrier is a Patriot’s fan and pretty darn cute!


Meet Our Dogs!

Meet Izzy The Golden Retriever

Meet Izzy

Izzy the Golden Retriever is from State Collage, PA.

Q: Does Izzy have a special trick or talent?

A: I don’t know if this qualifies as a special talent, but Izzy has a knack for making people happy. We walk on the Penn State campus often and the students gravitate to her. It’s not uncommon for 10 pairs of hands to be petting or hugging her. She adores the attention as much as they love spending time with her!

Q: Where does Izzy like to go for an adventure?

A: Anywhere where she can go for a walk! Like most golden retrievers, Izzy likes to swim in the creek, chase tennis balls, and play with other dogs, but her favorite activity is going for a walk. Whether it’s in the mountain, in a meadow or a park, it’s all the same to her as long as she can walk and explore!

Q: What is Izzy’s favorite treat?

A: I’m not sure Izzy has a favorite treat…she loves anything that’s edible and safe for dogs! Whether it’s peanut butter, a marrow bone, doggy ice cream, or frozen yogurt, she can’t get enough!

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Meet Our Dogs!

Meet Zulu The Doberman

Meet Zulu

Zulu the Doberman is from Cleveland, OH. This beautiful beach dog loves rolling in the sand and running in the water!

Q: Does Zulu have a special trick or talent?

A: I don’t think he really has one special talent (unless you count stealing my spot on the couch). But I do love how he gives separate high fives with each paw and does both when you say “give me 10!”. I think his best trait is being a positive ambassador for the Doberman breed.

Q: How did Zulu get his name?

A: My boyfriend is an Army veteran and we met each other at an Army wedding at West Point, so we wanted a name somehow related to the military. Zulu is code for the letter Z in the phonetic alphabet, and the after party for the wedding we met at was held at the “Zulu Time Lounge”.

Q: Beach bum or Land shark? Which does Zulu prefer to do and why?

A: Zulu is absolutely a beach bum! We live on the shores of Lake Erie with our own private beach, so he has been around water since he was a baby. There’s nothing he loves more than rolling in the sand and running in the water. To him, being on the beach on a sunny day is the best!

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Meet Our Dogs!

6 Dogs Who Love The Farm Life (E-I-E-I-O)

Work hard or hardly working? These dogs know that life on the farm is not only satisfying but there’s lots of good stuff to roll in too.

Rugar…rockin’ the Farmall – Riding the tractor is hard work but Rugar (the Australian Shepherd mix) has got this down and up!

Jessie…O Captain! My Captain! This contemplative Marvelous Mystery Mutt enjoys thinking hard when the farm is quite.

Giri..First kiss. It was love at first sight for this cow and Giri the Australian Cattle Dog. So sweet!

Layla…making friends. These horses are no match for a Great Dane. Who’s on the outside of the fence now?

Bender…feathered friends. It’s hard work guarding the chickens on the farm but this Marvelous Mystery Mutt has got it down pat.

Tullulah…with her posse. There appears to be a lot of good conversation going on here. We think this Rhodesian Ridgeback has got their attention!

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Meet Our Dogs!

Meet Sloane & Neville

Meet Sloane and Neville – The King and Queen of the North Shore!

Sloane (the Vizsla) and Neville (the German Shorthaired Pointer) are from Canada and these dogs have some crazy cool antics that keep owner Steve Fisher and family very happy.

Q: It’s almost summer! What is your favorite thing to do with your dogs in the summertime?

A: We love going to beaches with our dogs in the summer. Some of our favourites are on the Oregon Coast near Pacific City and Florence. There are also some great hikes that lead you to “mountain beaches” in North Vancouver.

Q: What’s your dogs weirdest sleep position?

A: Neville likes to sleep on his back with all of his legs in the area, like he just doesn’t care.

Q: What are Sloane and Neville’s favorite toys.

A: Sloane’s favorite toy is any stick she can find. Neville loves anything we throw and he can catch mid air. Foam frisbees are near the top of the list.

In the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some bite-sized interviews about some of the coolest dogs on Pack. Think of it as a Summer treat with sprinkles on top.

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